Our Power Rack Training Equipment

The rack is located in our garage on a concrete floor, so we didn't want to get metal plates. The gym I currently work out in has bumper plates and I like them... a lot. So that's what we wanted.

I did a day or two or research and after getting over the initial shock of just how much a heavy piece of round rubber costs, we ordered a 260-pound set of bumper plates.
  • 2 x 45
  • 2 x 35
  • 2 x 25
  • 2 x 15
  • 2 x 10
We also got a 7-foot olympic bar. The bar is standard and weighs 45 pounds. We'll also get a set of 5s and 2.5s, which we'll just pick up at the Sports Authority or something. They won't need to be rubber.
Now we could have just gotten a rubber set that comes with different sized plates, but I also wanted bumpers for my son. When he first starts with deads, he won't be able to use a 45 on each side, but I wanted him to begin pulling from the right spot. So he'll start with 10s, but be able to learn the proper form from the proper position. Might seem silly... at least to anyone who hasn't done dead lifts, I think it's important.

The total for all this wasn't insignificant. I ordered the bar and weights from Amazon for $485 plus $176 for shipping, for a grand total of $661. I balked at that shipping, but although I found several places that shipped for "free", the total for a matching set was the same or even higher.

Yes, we tried Craig's list with no luck. There were plenty of metal sets, but no rubber bumper sets.

And yes, I called around to gym supply and sporting goods stores in my area. I found a few that sold bumper plates, but by the time I added in the 7% Florida sales tax, the prices were still comparable even considering shipping costs. At least this way they will show up right at my door.

Once everything arrives, I'll snap some photos. 

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