Tools for Building Your Homemade Power Rack

So here's the gear we assembled to accomplish the mission.

Here's a drill press made from a drill press kit where you strap your hand drill to it. It did the job, but if you have a "real" drill press you will have an easier time. This one only had a 2" throw, and we were drilling through 3.5" inch posts, so we had to finish the holes with the hand-held. Not fun when drilling 28 holes.

My 12 volt cordless drill. Not powerful enough to sink 3" deck screws. It got them started, but we had to finish with the electric drill. Two batteries came in handy.

Tape measure. Very important. Measure twice, cut once.

A level.

Circular saw.

Electric drill, 1/3 horsepower. Didn't much care for the 1 1/4" spade bit when drilling through posts, but (reluctantly) got the job done.

Chalk line.


Safety goggles.

A big clamp. Maybe not a must-have, but it came in handy. This one opens to 8 inches, so it's pretty hefty.

Other stuff:
  • A hammer
  • A pencil
  • Drill bits: 1 1/4" spade, 7/8" spade, 3/16", and Phillips head bits for the wood screws
  • Something to set the boards on for cutting (we used 2 card tables)


  1. do you have any photos of the finished product?

  2. You can see photos of the final product at the bottom of this page: