Cable Row Addition

We'd had the rack for a while, and really wanted a way to do seated cable rows, an awesome exercise. It turned out to not be that hard to do.

We actually did this quite some time ago, but I'm just now getting around to posting it.

The stuff:

  • An 18 inched threaded post with two large washers and three nuts
  • Four spring clamps
  • Big eye hook
  • Four more eye hooks with wood screw threads
  • Wire cable
  • Two wire cable loop clamps
  • Three heavy duty 420 pound pulleys
  • Already had the drill bits
  • Cut a square off the end of a 1 x 8 board
Measuring and dripping the holes in the rack for the eye bolts.

Top cross piece in the back

Bottom cross piece

Top middle cross piece

Eye bolts screwed in

Pulleys clipped on

We needed something to set the weights on. That's where the square piece of wood, the threaded post, and the eye bolt came into play.

Cable trimmed, feed through the pulleys, loop clamps in place and weights hanging!

In action


And now we can do seated rows!

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