Why Build a Homemade Power Rack?

I wanted to build my own power rack so I could work out at home with heavy, compound exercises. That's how I've been working out for the better part of 30 years and how I'd like to continue working out.

Also, my son has turns 14 in a few weeks; he's interested in doing some weight training. Working out together will be a fun father-son activity. I can make sure he does the best exercises using good form so he can begin building a good base should he decide to continue in his later years.

We've fooled around with working out before--I've show him the form for all the major exercises--but he's pretty inconsistent without supervision. A home power rack will give us the capability to workout together. Safely.

Lastly, I simply thought building the rack would be a fun project. I'll get to show him how to use various tools, and we'll end up with something we built together and can use together.

I'm making this site so you can see what we did. Maybe you'll want to do it too.

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