Metal Power Racks: Buying One

Maybe you don't want to build your own power rack. There are plenty of options if you are looking to buy one. I spent about $115 on the materials we used to build our own; you can expent to spend at least $300 for the lowest cost new power rack out there. You can try going through Craigs List to get a used one. I checked before I decided to build my own, and it looked as though a decent was was still running around $200 or more.

Here are some home gym racks available on Amazon:
  • Powerline PPR200X 1000 pound capacity, pull-up bar and outside uprights. It's shorter though, with a height of 6 feet and 10 inches. It has good reviews and free shipping. As of this post, it's selling for $389.98.
  • New York Barbell 1000 pound capacity, pull-up bar, and a lifetime warranty. With a 6-foot 10.5 -inch height. It's got a 4 star review from 10 people and sells for $329.99. No free shipping, so that will probably add up to $100.
  • Atlas Power Cage 700-pound capacity here, pull up bar. Height is 6 feet and 11 inches. It has a 5 star rating from 37 customers. Sells for $259.99 and no free shipping.
  • XMark Fitness Power Cage Another one with a 700 pound weight capacity, with a max of 350 on the pull up bar. Also has a dip station - nice! Comes in at 6 feet 11 inches tall. More expensive though, sell for $434.28 but does ship for free.
  • Valor Athletics Rack with Lat Pull 1000 pound capacity with a 250 pound max on the lat pull component. Shortest so far at only 64 inches tall. Honestly, so you need a lat pull? Not cheapt at $509 and no free shipping.
  • X Mark Fitness Power Cage Lat Pulldown/Low Row No capacity given on this one. It has a lat pull down and a row attachment, also dip bars and pull up bar. Less expensive than most at $334.32, especially considering the attachments. No free shipping. No ratings or reviews.
If you're looking for something more commercial quality, here are some (much more expensive) choices:
  • BodyCraft F430 Power Rack 800 pound capacity. has a chin bar; you can get dip bars and other attachments too, like a lat pull and low row.  5 star rating from 7 customers. This one will run you $798.00(!), but it does have free shipping.
  • Body Solid 11-Gauge Pro Power Rack Model GPR378 No spec given, but check out the shipping weight at 285 pounds (some of the home version racks are under 100) so that should tell you something. A bar for chins. A cool $595.00 with no free shipping. Based on my poking around Olympic weight sets, I bet you're looking at $150+ for shipping though, so factor that in.


  1. Hey thanks!! Got a lot of great info for my own rack. I posted it here and linked back to you as a reference. Thanks again!

  2. Yes ! The Body Solid Pro Power Rack GPR378 is a perfect choices .